Cougar Drilling Solutions

Mech-Thruster ™


The Cougar Drilling Solutions Mech-Thruster™ is your best choice for enhanced directional and horizontal drilling performance. Pressure-balanced to provide smooth-flowing energy to the drill bit, it is available in several sizes and can be adjusted to any specification. With the Mech-Thruster™, bit and MWD life are extended and the rate of penetration is increased.

The parameters for running a Mech-Thruster™ are the same as standard assembly parameters. That means no changes in pump pressure, flow, weight on bit or speed. By utilizing hydraulic pressure, the Mech-Thruster™ provides a constant weight on the bit, allowing it to drill ahead — independent of the non-uniform motions of the drill string sticking and slipping as it moves forward.

When running with a motor, the Mech-Thruster™ can help increase the reliability of driveshafts and power sections by reducing the chances of stalling the motor. Software placements are available for the Mech-Thruster™, which use the given drilling parameters and selected locations in the BHA to ensure optimum performance.